Zero Waste Store - Organic Refill Market

BYGRAM is an independent business created to offer local grocery shopping without single use plastics. It is easy, fun and accessible. Every month we add new products and aim to become a one stop shop.
We love to see when people appreciate the concept and do their bit by bringing containers to refill.
We support the idea of organic farming, but also prioritize small local makers and businesses with sustainable mindset and ethical approach to living.
We put a lot of small brands together and tell you their story. This is where the name Organic Refill Market comes from. BYGRAM stands for “by gram”, this is how we sell all products in bulk. You buy as much as you need – this allows more freedom to be creative, experiment new, and allows to fulfill special dietary requirements.


Its about caring for the environment
Trying to do every little step towards a greener future.
It’s all about shopping Zero Waste so we can make a difference.
We are against single-use plastics.
So we opened this store to give you more choices in the way you shop.
We buy products like foods in bulk and offer them in glass gravity dispensers or bucket scoop boxes.
You are encouraged to refill your bottles, jars, reusable Tupper-ware, cloth bags or whatever else you might find suitable to take your products home with you.
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Recover


We believe in simplicity so even though we recommend to bring your own containers, its understandable that this is not always convenient.

For these  moments we favour paper or compostable packaging for our loose foods and of course jars, bottles/glass containers as an option.

The best way in our opinion is to use your own cloth bags. It cuts dow on the weight you have to cary to and from the shop and saves on space in your bag so you can carry more. Another benefit is that there is no risk of breaking the or even chipping the jars in transit.